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What if your CCTV images are colourful at night?

Innovations and advancements in technologies, ensure brands are on their feet all the time to comeup with new state-of-the-art products to overcome competitions. Hikvision has come up with one such very unique solution for a demanding requirement with their ColorVu Series of cameras. One of the long standing concerns with Analog High Definition cameras, has been their unavailability of coloured and detailed images at dark. ColourVu products offer unique compensation techniques with, inclusive and accurate colour management solution to bring coloured images live and crisp, to bare eyes. Balancing brightness when illuminating a dark image is always a technical sweet spot and Hikvision has hit the bullseye with this series. ColorVu has now become the appellation of coloured images in dark conditions.  

ColorVu Cameras
Hikvision ColorVu

How ColorVu cameras achieve colour images in dark?

1. Lens: Super Aperture F1.0 or f/1.0

   Aperture is the technical aspect that denotes the amount of light consumed by a camera. The larger the aperture, the more the light that enters. However the increase in the factor is represented by a decrease in the notifying number. With a super aperture of 1.0, ColourVu camera lens gathers more light to ensure brighter quality images. Comparitively, this aperture allows almost 3 to 4 times, more light than any existing cameras.

2. Supplementary Lighting

Existing cameras use infrared to light up dark places and IR can light up places to get the images in black and white. But, ColorVu cameras are equipped with an additional light source, to light up dark places. This supplemetary lighting ensures the outcome has enough lighting to capture the colour details.

Image Courtesy: Hikvision International Website

3. Glare Reduction:

ColorVu Camera Lenses are equipped with BBAR (Broadband Anti Reflection) coating and Extra low dispersion (ED) Optical glass which inherently reduces the glare arising from direct exposure to light source. This technology comes in handy, when there is a vehicle approaching in the dark with an headlight ON. With normal cameras in such scenarios, the light blinds the camera with large exposure to light thereby blinding the other details in the image. With BBAR and ED, ColorVu cameras are now able to capture more details than before from any such conditions.

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