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   Hikvision has launched a series of Temperature Screening Thermographic cameras and solutions. These screening solutions would aid countries to set up safer entry and exit points across gathering points like airports, hospitals, educational institutions, stations, and industries. As elevated body temperature has been confirmed as an important symptom of viral infections, screening people based on their skin temperature would provide a fast and effective way of preventing the social spread. These preliminary screening in public areas would save a lot of effort and time, before segregating people of further core body temperature checks.

   Hikvision with a tag line of "SAFER, FASTER, SMARTER", has come up with four new smart Temperature Screening Thermographic solutions.

  1. Hand-Held Thermographic Camera

  2. Turret / Bullet Camera

  3. Turret / Bullet Camera with Black body calibrator

  4. Metal Detector Door with Thermal Turret

These solutions are built up around four unique models of thermographic cameras. Few features that make these solutions stand up from the rest,

  1. Safety: All measurements are taken up from a distance of 1 to 2 meters and hence eliminates the possibility of any physical contact.

  2. Efficiency: Each camera takes a maximum time of one second to measure the temperature of each person. 60 to 100 persons can be reviewed per minute using this technology.

  3. Multi-Person Detection: Measuring the temperature of multiple persons simultaneously, is possible. Unexpected delay due to screening would be hence avoided on vantage points. 

  4. AI-based detection: High-temperature detection and alarm functionality are based on Artificial Intelligence Face Detection and hence false alarms due to other heat sources are largely reduced. 

  5. Thermographic Imaging: The entire solution range is designed on thermal imaging and not thermopile. This gives the added advantage of a large measurement area and high efficiency

SOLUTION - 1: HandHeld Thermal Camera

   Hikvision's Handheld Thermal Camera is the easiest and the fastest installable solution that could be commissioned for a fever screening requirement. Elegantly designed for an effective contactless surface temperature measurement, it provides ease of product handling and movement. Associating with a site having multiple entries or having to move around ad-hoc, there can't be any better solution. In addition, WiFi connectivity and software-based logging ensure, wherever the device may be moved, the data gets stored in a centralized location.


Key Features:

  • Temperature: Thermographic Accuracy of up to  ±0.5 °C

  • Display fusion of thermal view and optical view

  • 160 × 120 resolution (thermal), and 8 MP resolution (optical)

  • 640 × 480 resolution 3.5” LCD touch display

  • Automatic screen capture & upload

  • WiFi Connectivity

  • Support live view on PC, mobile device or external monitor

  • Support audio intercom

  • Support color highlight alarm and audio alarm

Product Datasheet : 

Comparison between Forehead Thermometer and Thermographic hand-held Camera

Handheld cam comparison.png

SOLUTION - 2: Metal Detector Door Solution with Thermal Camera

   Hikvision's integrated solution of Metal Detector Door with a thermal camera and monitoring would be an apt solution for airports, stations, and public gathering spots. This product bundles an essential requirement with a need of the hour solution, fever screening. A product that combines the features of a metal detector, thermal imaging solution, and statistical logging like people counting would fit into any public domain requirement. 

   This metal detector solution can be a preliminary checkpoint for any entry or exit point. It can be installed as a stand-alone product, that can raise alarms on detecting above threshold temperatures. An integrated monitor ensures data is available on the point for inspection.   It can also be integrated with an NVR to log in to the recordings, as well.

Magnetic Door.png
Detector Connection Diagram.png

Product Datasheet : 





   Hikvision's All-in-one solution for Touch Free Attendance, Mask Detection, Access Control, and Fever screening has been names as MinMoe. An effective screening solution based on the thermal imaging concept, is integrated into an attendance and access control device.  Features like Mask based entrance is a niche technological solution for medical situations.


   Basically, with this device, any person without a mask, anyone with abnormal temperature, apart from proper authentication will not be allowed to enter. Artificial Intelligence (AI) based face recognition ensures that faces with masks will be recognized and ​the logging feature ensures all data have been stored in the device as well. 


  • Supports Vanadium Oxide uncooled sensor to measure the target's temperature

  • Temperature Range: 30 °C to 45 °C (86 °F to 113 °F), accuracy: ± 0.5 °C without black body calibration

  • Fast temperature measurement

  • Multiple authentication modes are available: card and temperature, face and temperature, card and face and temperature, etc.

  • Face Mask wearing Alert

  • Forced Mask wearing Alert

  • Access Control

  • 50,000 face capacity, 50,000 card capacity and 1,00,000 event log


Product Datasheet : 



Home Automation facilitates the control of any electrical appliances, interactive facilities, and security products from any smart device. With a single touch, any appliance in a home can be controlled from anywhere across the world. The evolution of home automation started with easing access to any electrical device with remote control. Initially controlling lights and fans from a remote control required putting up additional accessories in every switch box associated. Through time, the technology has upgraded to a level where anything that operates with a power source could be controlled from the tip of your finger. Exploring all the opportunities that a home automation system is possible of achieving,  a home can really be converted to be a SMART HOME.



Home Improvement








IoT Device Support


Video Door Phone is an exclusive solution for the demands of access control and improvised security. Video door phone and video intercom solutions have revolutionized the smart home space. With changing times, security solutions have become a prime expectation of the housing industry and Video intercoms have solved that intelligently.

Exclusive solutions for Villas, Easy connectivity apartment solutions, Wireless Video Door Phones, Mobile Alert facility, and CCTV integration features are some of the plethoras of options that make VDP, an exciting product to look out for. Smart home brands are offering product packages that integrate automation products accessible and controllable from Video Door Phone screens.  Literally, this serves as a one-point solution that transforms a home or apartment into a really smart one. 

PANASONIC is a name that easily resonates and relates to​ the smart electronic market.  It has been a brand that keeps innovating with its products and accessories. Panasonic has an exclusive array of video door phone and intercom products. Being a pioneer in the electronics industry it has a few exclusive products with intelligent and smart features. Wireless Monitor, 7-inch wide LED display, Outdoor unit with night vision camera, Email Notification, Smart Phone connection, Image capturing are stand out features that empower its products to be among the industry leaders. Panasonic Video Intercom System with its 2 wire system, is easy to install and also easily expandable to accommodate additional indoor units when necessary. With optional stand-alone CCTV camera integration, it gives an option for an additional view along with the existing outdoor unit.


HIKVISION, being the worlds leading surveillance product manufacturer boasts of an elegant series of Video Door Phones and Video Intercom Solutions. Ease of installation and industry-standard products are the brand phenomenon. Two-wire controllers, Wafer-thin Indoor Display units, Exclusive Fish Eye cameras that have wide coverage, Vandal Proof Outdoor Units, Two-wire IP Distributors, Tampering Alarm are some notable features that HIKVISION intercom units offer. In addition, there is a quality upgrade in the indoor video and audio output with echo cancellation and noise suppression. For apartment and multi villa intercom, Hikvision offers a unique solution with its PRO Series Video Intercom. Remote unlocking, Access control, and WiFi support features ensure seamless integration of cameras, access management, and  Audio/Video communication. Practically a one-stop solution.

Panasonic VDP.png
Hikvision VDP2.jpg


A Complete and safe security system involves Video surveillance with CCTV Cameras with an Integrated perimeter and Indoor intrusion alarm system. Be it a commercial establishment or a living space, whenever there is an intrusion or burglary attempt,  an immediate alarm and a quick notification are more likely to ward off the imminent threat. Wired and Wireless Burglar alarm systems have evolved over the years, to be fast and accurate. And with latest advancements, they are equipped with more state of the art technologies to thwart any type of intrusions at very initial stages. Proper architecture design and choice of burglar alarm solution would ensure a maximum level of security to any premise. Detectors and Sensors are an integral part of any intrusion alarm set up and choosing the right sensor for the right requirement is in itself, solves half of the problem.

Magnetic Contact.png

Magnetic Contact

Wired & Wireless Options

Door, Window or any openable access space can be equipped with magnetic contact sensors to raise alarms on contact breakage


PIR Motion Sensor

Wired & Wireless Options

Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensors work based on movement detected within its Infrared zone. It uses infrared heat mapping to detect changes. 

Glass break Detector.jpg

Glass Break Detector

Wired & Wireless Options

Glass doors and windows are best equipped with glass break detetcor to trigger an alarm on any damage to the surface

home security concept abstract.jpg
Vibration Sensor.jpeg

Vibration Sensor

Wired & Wireless Options

Break-in attempts through a wall or other surfaces can be detected with vibration sensors that work based on resonating frequency. 

Displacement Detector.png

Displacement Detector

Wired & Wireless Options

Based on the mapping of any object within the range of the detector, any movement or displacement is detected and intimated.

Beam Sensor.jpg

Beam Sensor

Wired & Wireless Options

Employed for perimeter protection and equipped with an aspherical lens, beam sensors detect intrusion with  visible or infrared beams.

Wired Control Panels:

Wired Control Panels are basically of two types, RS-485 and M-BUS Version. Most detectors and sensors available are still wired types, which ensure Wired control panels can connect to extensively any type of detector available. With wired panels, the setup is always scalable to incorporate more detectors. Extenders and repeaters help out to ensure scalable installation. 



  • Zone-based setup

  • Event log facility

  • Micro-controller based

  • Sleep / Away modes

  • Telephone-based arming / disarming

  • Time-based automatic arming / disarming

  • Hooter disconnect alarm

  • Built-in battery backup option

Atss Burglar panel.png

Wireless Control Panels and Hybrid Control Panels:

Wireless Control Panels and wireless detectors are easy to install and configure. In basic models, up to 32 inputs from wireless detectors can be configured to the control model. Brands like Hikvision offer, signal strength indicators and one push to connect option. Any wireless sensor or detector can be paired to panels with simple configurations. Exclusive hybrid panels support the integration of wired and wireless detectors and sensors.



  • Small. Compact designer panels to match interiors

  • Single platform operation for all security devices

  • Two-way wireless Communication

  • Communication up to 800 meters

  • LAN / WiFi / 3G and 4G connection

  • Video Verification with IVaas (Hikvision feature)

  • 4 wireless output expanders 

Alarm Hub.png


Vehicle Tracking System is the way of locating any transportation device in real-time, along with additional information like the speed of the vehicle, time to reach a destination, etc.  These parameters help to decide on very important management activities associated. Ranging from two-wheelers to multi-axle trucks, tracking systems can be set up on any vehicles. Global Positioning System (GPS) is a technical phenomenon that locates any compatible traceable electronic device anywhere in the world with the help of satellite imagery. GPS powered Vehicle tracking system helps locate the vehicle by indicating the vehicle position in a map software installed in any PC, Laptop, or Smartphone.

Advantages of having a vehicle tracking system?

  • Managing Driver Productivity

    • From the tracking system, information like the number of stoppages between sites, ​best available routes and rest duration can be retrieved and acted upon 

  • Fuel Consumption Management

    • Parameters like ​time duration for which the vehicle engine is running and the routes traveled during the run time assist in calculating the fuel consumed and hence provide vital information for fuel saving. 

  • Delivery Time Assurance 

    • Assurance to clients on the delivery time of product or service and, the proper intimation of time delays, if any would ensure a good reputation for the company.

  • Efficient planning of resources

    • With information on the real-time location​ of employees, sales, delivery and marketing teams could be managed efficiently

Vehicle Tracking.jpg

Factors that determine the type of Vehicle Tracking System:

There are two types of vehicle tracking systems:

1. GPS Based Vehicle Tracking Systems.    2. RF Vehicle Tracking Systems


GPS based tracking systems are the efficient and real-time monitoring solution, that assists in locating the vehicle at any point in time. This system shows the vehicle in a real-time map along with a smooth vehicle movement-image. For logistical and management based required this GPS based system is the best suited and would assist in critical decision making.

The RF-based tracking system works on the principle trigger-respond feedback principle. The unit attached to the vehicle is usually idle and when there is a scenario that requires locating the vehicle, a signal would be sent to the unit and it responds back with the its location. It would be more suitable in the case of stolen vehicles and not much for data-critical applications. Based on its working principle, it is also known as Vehicle Locator Unit(VLU).

Vehicle Tracking Map.png

Sample map representation with vehicle tracking



Visitor logs have been a traditional notebook solution for maintaining the details of visitors for enterprises. Companies have started adopting more efficient visitor management strategies. In literal sense, Visitor Management may seem a simple log maintaining solution, but in contrast, it has a deep impact on employee productivity, access restrictions, and distraction reductions. Existing log maintenance has a dependency over security guards for manual entry and when there is a heavy inflow of visitors, the paper passes and visitor tracking together goes for a toss. There are limitations to tracking any visitor within the premise from the vicinity of the security gates and an increase in the numbers makes it still more difficult. Visitor management solution offers various facilities to solve most of the hardships and in addition, provides visitor-related stats for aiding strategic decision making. 

Crucial data capturing features of visitor management

Visitor Segregation

Visitor - Host connectivity

Cloud-Based Solution

Visitor Access Control

Identity Management

Report data

Visitor Management S

Visitor Segregation Features:

  • Visitor for Job Interview

  • Frequent visitor data (Supplier or contractor)

  • One-off visitor process

Cloud-Based Solutions

  • Direct intimation to host

  • Pre-booking approvals for visitors, by hosts

  • Cross verification and previous visit data

Visitor Host connectivity:

  • Host to Visitor mapping

  • Interview to interviewer mapping

  • Purchase/Admin team to Contractor mapping

Golden Key

Visitor Access Control

Permission to predefined areas

Mapping sites visited by any visitor 

Role-based pre-defined visitor access settings

Identity Management

  • Maintaining a database of visitors

  • Visitor identification review

  • Verification for criminal records or reported misconducts


Data Management or Report data

  • Database of visitors for strategic decision making

  • Report generation on the time spent by employees on visitors 

VMS Application scenarios:

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